[TRANS] Krystal’s Thanks To from f(x)’s 1st Album, ‘Pinocchio’

22 Apr

My one and only family, mom, dad, and unni(1) thank you and I love you always ^^

(My) dear BFFs Seungah, Gaeng, Yoonie, Shilla/Shiela, Minjae, Hyun!, Even if I can’t say it, you know how I feel right? 143♥ a friend for 11 years Nayeonnie, my real brother(t/n: could be translated as ‘close oppa’ as well) Jjong(2), Haem, Kim Akdeok (Kim Angel), Daniel oppa(3),  Junmyeon oppa, Kyuwan oppa, Inwook oppa, Heejungie, Ssohyunnie(4), egg whites Jjiyounggie(5), thank you & I love you all!

Teacher Lee Sooman, President Kim Youngmin, Director Nam Soyoung, Director Han Semin, Director Jung Changhwan, Director Lee Jongin, watched over me since I was 7 years old Jungah unni :), best Gyeongchang oppa, Ratatouille Sungwoo oppa,  when are you going to buy me Rib eye (steak) Bbang/Bread-nim, Hyunkyun oppa, Minho oppa(6), Wonkyun oppa, Sungsoo oppa, Junghee unni, Yooeun unni, Areum unni, Yoonju unni, Eunah unni, Heejin unni, Kenzie unni, Jinu oppa, Boomin unni, Jaewon appa, Jackson Hwang! All the other SM staffs and sunbaes/seniors thank you^^

Gooyoung appa, Ssolmi unni, Rino, Jillian(7), Hyerim unni, when did you become pretty Hyejin-sshi, charming girl Gyeongbin unni, Seonjoo unni, Seunghwa unni, hi Mira unni, Chullie oppa(8), swim to me Nemo, okay & sorry Hyunjoon oppa, ‘Bul.Ae.Man'(9) family.

Our Vic umma, it’s all good Josephine ‘stupid boy~’, Tinky Winky Lulu, my twin yolk, we know things that other people don’t know. Love you♥

Finally, our fans who cheer and love us! Really thank you. I’ll always be the Jung Soojung/Krystal that works hard!^^


Words in italics are written as it is

1 – Jessica, of course
2 – Jjong; Jonghyun of SHINee; it might be a different Jjong, but so far he’s the only Jjong around? lol
3 – Daniel; member of Dalmatian
4 – Ssohyunnie; Sohyun of 4minute
5 – Jjiyounggie; Jiyoung of KARA
6 – this is NOT SHINee’s Minho
7 – If you don’t know yet, she choreographed Pinocchio (Danger) 🙂
8 – this is NOT Super Junior’s Heechul
9 – Bul.Ae.Man is shorcut to Bulsurok Aegyo Manjeom (More Charming By the day), Krystal’s sitcom

credits to: tata三世@f(x) Group Baidu+ iheartf(x) for the fantaken picture of Krystal’s thanks to;  thepinkstring/chilloutbox @ twitter for translations.


[TRANS] Amber’s Thanks To from f(x)’s 1st Album, ‘Pinocchio’

20 Apr
(click to enlarge)
For giving me the chance and giving me strength to come this far, God.

Dad, Mama(1), jack jack attack Jackie(2).

Teacher Lee Sooman, President Kim Youngmin, Director Nam Soyoung, Director Jung Changhwan, Gyungchang oppa who’s always believing, chic Sungwoo oppa, Chae Minho oppa ㅋ samgyetang!!, Wonkyun oppa, Jinwook oppa ㅋ would you like to play again?, Hyunkyun oppa, playful/player Gyungjae oppa, Jihun oppa, Mina unni, Junghee unni.. “I hate it~”, Sungsoo the best oppa, Jeni unni, Gwangwook oppa, Yoonju unni, Yooeun unni, Areum unni, Jinu oppa, Boomin unni, Kenzie unni, Chullie oppa~
Jaewon oppa yeah man~, Sanghoon greg oppa~when are we going to come up with the choreography??, Gooyoungie appaㅋ, Solmi unni, Hyerim unni, Gyungbin unni, Hyejin unni, Jiwoon unni, Sunjoo unni, Seunghwa unni, People who helped f(x), thank you~ ^^

Shout out to my homies in LA, love all you kids. The 213, my bestie Danny, Brian Cho, John “Chinky”, Joe Kim, Nico miss you boys. My valley people, bandmate Ryan, Daniel Park, Angel stop studying!, Vivian, twinkie Audrey, Rachel, Serena, Angela. NRB crew, Chris, Susie, the giant Scott, Vince, Dennis. My dance family, Chantelle, Dario, Winnie, Ross, Cody, Suzy “ZED”, Dan, Miguel, Ayaka. Rino, Maryss, Celine “Lockadelic”, Jillian, Shotyme, Jeka, and Shaun.

Jinyoung “TommyPD” oppa~, big Brother Paul, the only one and only Daniel “Drama”(3), homie fo life Alex Chungster, Hansir, violin boy Henry(4), Haem unni ㅋㅋ

DM oppa you de best!, Junghwannie oppa protein partyㅋ, best body Youngman oppa, Taesun ssaem5ㅋ, Jungjoonnie oppa, Pastor Sungho, Jaeson, Stephen, Celine, Bridget, JP, Grace, Shiela, Charlie, Sharon, James, Hana

BoA noonaㅋ miss you! Siwon(4) oppa, Kyhyun(4) oppa, Sungmin(4) oppa, Zhou Mi ge(4,1), Jungmo(6) hyung, big sis Sooyoung(7) unni, Yuri(7) unni~ stop waking me up in the morning!, Sunny(7) unni who’s like a real sister, Tiff(7), Jess(7), Taeyeon(7) unni, fashionista Keybum(8,9) oppa, Jonghyun oppwa(8 )~, beast Minho oppa(8 ), Prince Taemin(8 )ㅋ, my friend(s) Jinho(10), Junmyeonnie oppa, Jongin, Moonkyu, Chanyeol, Gyungsoo(11), K.Li, Yixing, Minseokie hyung, lovely Seungyeonnie, best best best Soojung, Heesoo(11)tissue, Choying, Joohyun unni, teddy bear Seulgiㅋㅋcompany/office senior and friends, thank you all!!

Mikey(12), Peter(12), Brian Joo, Seungho(13) oppa, Jaejinnie(14) oppa, Chanmi(15), Lizzy(16), Nana unni(16), Raina unni(16), Bekah(16), 4Minute! Hyuna(17)ㅋㅋ, maknae Sohyunnie(17), Jihyun(17) unni who’s learning Englishㅋ, tough Jiyoon(17) unni, pretty Gayoon(17) unni, Nicole(18), Dongwoon(19) oppa, Kikwang(19) oppa, Doojoonnie(19) hyung, kind Minji(20), cutie Jiyeon(21), Eunjung(21) unni, Junsu(22) oppa, Junho(22) oppa, Juseok(23) oppa, Christine Yoonji(24), Shorty(25) oppa. Thank you~!

Our members! Song Qian jiejie(1), cry-puppy Sunyounggieㅋ, younger brother Ssul, Princess Lil’ One Soojunggie “shoes~”

To Julian(26), I wish you were here to see this, thanks for everything, miss you so much

Lastly, our loving fans! Thank you for waiting~ we will try to show you our cool…Pretty? Cute?..ㅋㅋ side of us! Thank you thank you(27)~


Words in italics are written as it is.

1 – Written in Chinese

2 – Amber’s sister

3 – Drama/Daniel; member of Dalmatian

4 – Henry, Siwon, Kyuhyun, Sungmin, Zhou Mi; members of Super Junior

5 – Ssaem (쌤); slang for Seon Saeng-nim(선생님) meaning ‘teacher’

6 – Jungmo; member of TRAX

7 – Sooyoung, Yuri, Sunny, Tiffany, Jessica, Taeyeon; members of Girls’ Generation

8 – Key, Jonghyun, Minho, Taemin; members of SHINee

9 – Keybum; originally written as 키범.

10 – Jinho; Jino from SM The Ballad

11 – the ‘soo(수)’ on their names are actually written as “syoo(슈)”

12 – Mikey, Peter; members of One Way; Mikey is Chance.

13 – Seungho; member of MBLAQ

14 – Jaejinnie/Jaejin; member of FT Island

15 – Chanmi; member of Coed School/5dolls; former SM Trainee

16 – Lizzy, Nana, Raina, Bekah; members of After School

17 – Hyuna, Sohyunnie/Sohyun, Jihyun, Jiyoon, Gayoon; members of 4Minute, it’s actually stated obviously

18 – Nicole; member of KARA

19 – Dongwoon, Kikwang, Doojoon; members of BEAST

20 – Minji; member of 2NE1. Not entirely sure but it’s most likely her

21 – Jiyeon, Eunjung; members of T-Ara

22 – Junsu, Junho; members of 2PM

23 – Not really sure about this: Juseok; he’s a hip hop rapper/producer; if you know Younha’s ‘One Shot’ he’s the featuring rapper on that song.

24 – Christine Yoonji; NS Yoonji

25 – Shorty; not entirely sure but I’m guessing it to be Mighty Mouth’s Shorty J.

26 – Julian; he’s a former SM Trainee who passed away July last year. I don’t exactly know the reason. I’ve read a fan account before that him, Amber and Henry are apparently pretty close to each other.

27 – Originally written as 땡규 댕규, which is ‘thank you thank you’ only written in hangul

credits to:  yukipink @ weibo for the fantaken picture of the thanks to; thepinkstring/chilloutbox @ twitter for translations/notes.

PS: the numbers are actually superscripts, idk why it looked like that -_- I edited them so it wont look THAT weird

I’m in da-da-danger

19 Apr

f(x)’s new song: Pinocchio (Danger)
So we have our f(x) girl back in the music scene after almost a year of hiatus. Amber being completely MIA due to her inured ankle, is finally back after not being able to join Krystal, Sulli, Victoria and Luna for a couple of months. Now, f(x) is back with a new album, their very first full-length album, with Pinocchio (Danger) as their title track. The album is composed of 10 songs, including a Korean version of Lollipop (the song is originally in Chinese and is used a promotion song for LG’s Lollipop in China; the song is sang with Chinese boy band M.I.C), this time with SHINee. But enough of the chit chat, let’s talk about Pinocchio (Danger) first 😀

The song is released digitally last Monday, April 18, 12MN KST. It was actually leaked 2 days earlier. Not gonna lie, I DID download that leaked song, and I’ll feel such a hypocrite if I say that I feel guilty, because I don’t. I did downloaded the official version (not much difference, of course) with the help of my friend who added moniesssss on my MNET account >:) …but I’m back to 300won /cries.

ANYWAY! The first time I listened to it, I’m honestly quite disappointed. But, well, this is SM we’re talking about. They’re unpredictable. It’s always a hit or a miss. For this song though, it’s in the middle. The good thing about it is it’s quite catchy. After listening to it, I was going remember me dadadadanger, I look hilarious lol. KPOP hit songs are known to be either catchy and easy to dance to, have great beats, or meaningful. Danger hit the catchy category, but that’s probably just me.

The lyrics doesn’t make sense though, but then again, f(x) is known for having title tracks that have nonsensical lyrics (hello, LA chA TA and NU ABO) so I’m not quite surprised that this song doesn’t make any sense.

Singing parts will be forever unfair for Amber, because in this song, her solo parts are only that Remember Me before the second verse and her rap solo. We were able to hear more of Victoria and Sulli here though, which is a good thing as the two barely get parts as well. Sulli improved vocally to be honest and I don’t get why the most comments I saw aren’t commenting on that. Victoria’s Korean improved obviously (if you listen to her parts before, there’s still heavy accent). Krystal on the other hand, sounded a bit like Jessica in this song, which is not a surprise, they’re sisters after all. I think she got most of the parts too? I don’t know, it’s always a given that Luna and Krystal get more parts  than the other three. Luna on the other hand is amazing as always, but her voice is obviously slightly altered in this song.

Overall, it’s a bit underwhelming, but catchy enough for me to listen to it over and over again (it surpasses Henry’s Baby on my itunes and Last.fm, that’s an acomplishment! XD). Seeing as it’s doing great in the charts, the potential them getting an award for it is most likely high.

The MV was released earlier (while I’m sleeping, of course, as always). I’m not expecting much so it’s good in my eyes haha! A bit underwhelming, too much chorus, snappy but not strong choreo, but all the girls are gorgeous. They should stop giving Luna skirts and shorts though. 😐 That transition scene with them in different outfits and wigs is my favorite part, as well as the 1st chorus with Victoria, Sulli and Krystal (that one on the teaser as well). I do not understand while people are comparing this to 2NE1, I don’t see any similarities, or maybe because I don’t follow 2NE1 now like I did before. Both groups are different, leave it alone already.

IMO, it doesn’t matter if this song is good or not. Fans had waited for them for a long time so people are hyped up, the charts are your judge. It’s their 1st full length album too so everyone are expecting how it will turn out. All I wanted for them right now is to at least win something out of this (I am still honestly butthurt on that 2pm vs f(x) on Music Bank, but whatever, that award is supposed to be f(x)’s, end of the story).

The album will be out tomorrow and I’m hoping it’ll be out at 12MN. PLEASE PLEASE :DD Obviously, I stan them so hard that I want success for this girls, I hope this album will turn out great!


16 Feb

I think this will be a long ass post because yeah, I am so fed up with this.

Ok not really.

If you know me, you probably know already that Super Junior-M is my favorite Super Junior sub-unit despite Sungmin not being in said sub-unit. Not gonna lie, but I was actually disappointed he wasn’t there since he fits more than Ryeowook, IN MY OWN OPINION, and that’s when they started, my thoughts changed when SJM actually began their activities.

They’re the first sub-unit I first saw in person too, the first sub-unit I saw perform live, etc etc. I enjoyed their activities just how much I enjoyed the main unit’s. The Only13 fiasco really annoyed me to no end, though ngl, I don’t really take a liking on Zhou Mi at first, but I’m not the type that always stick with first opinion. I gave him a chance, and now he’s one of my favorites. Henry’s a long story so I won’t dwell on that.

Anyway. The brand new Super Junior-M.

Yes people, whether you like it or not, SJM has EIGHT members now.

I already knew that Eunhyuk and Sungmin will be joining the group even if the rumors before wasn’t actually confirmed (until they actually released this of course).  Especially Eunhyuk who debuted unofficially through the song SJM did with f(x) for the Shanghai Expo last year.

I will never, ever, EVER, understand what the fuck is wrong with this two joining the sub-unit when they just ALL came from the same group that is Super Junior save for Henry and Zhou Mi.

Hardcore SJM stans, Qmi shippers, and fans who don’t really like Eunhyuk are the ones I’ve seen complain the most.

Hardcore SJM stans: did you ever, EVER, learn from the Only13 fiasco? You guys kept on complaining about Henry and Zhou Mi not getting the love they deserve, that they fit the main group, etc etc, and now you’re complaining about two original SJ members joining one of QUOTE SUB-UNIT UN-QUOTE of the team? Isn’t that soooooooooooo incredibly fucked up? And don’t tell me ZhouRy would be overshadowed because judging from the MV teaser, they still have the same amount of exposure as before whilst there wasn’t even enough Sungmin in it. Don’t tell me that they don’t belong as well, and….I hate repeating myself so just go over what I just said, and deal with it. Also, don’t tell m ZhouRy and HyukMin has different issues, how about a gallon of NO? Haters are still haters no matter how you say that you don’t hate HyukMin and vice versa.

Qmi shippers: probably the group of people that complained the most because apparently Sungmin will ~*~ruin~*~ their oh so perfect Qmi. Bullshit. Why does pairing have to be an issue now? Whatever guys, forever shipping Qmimin and HenMin. f.u. 🙂

The ones that don’t really like Eunhyuk: no words for you except….ENJOY EUNHYUK BEING A BAMF DANCER RAPPER ON YOUR SUB-UNIT.


I’ve seen a lot of comments since the MV teaser was released earlier. A lot have opened up for Eunhyuk while Sungmin is still being picked on. As a Sungmin stan, of course that hurts A LOT. The teaser hadn’t gave you enough of Sungmin yet, even the teaser pics are not enough and you’re already judging him for not belonging through that? No.

Some fans already forgotten that it was Sungmin who made most ELF who are Only13 accept Super Junior-M. Super Junior+M+KRY+Happy = 1, REMEMBER? Yeah, some of you probably didn’t even know it was him who said it. Oh, it was Sungmin who first showed signs of acceptance to Henry, so there. Do I need to say more to have you shallow headed fans to accept him? I don’t really think so, so I’m going to stop now.

Whatever, it’s not like a lot of people could see this =_=

Personal Preference/Taste?

8 Feb

It always disturbed me when people claim that other people have “bad taste”. Like really, how could you say one’s taste is bad when you don’t even have the same preference and taste? There’s obviously an argument here but I’ll stick with mine.

Most people just can’t understand what personal preference is and making what they like, think, know etc. are better than others. It’s like saying an apple is better than pineapple. Both have their unique characteristics, nutritional on their own way and have their own tastes.

I’ve been told a lot of times that I have a bad taste for music because I chose generic mediocre genre that the group that I love the most have (*ehem*suju*ehem*). I never really cared that much because it’s what ‘I’ like and not theirs, it’s the music I listen to not theirs, so debating with people that prejudice my own taste of music is just a waste of time.

I don’t like hip hop music Big Bang has. I don’t like the songs that are produced for JQT, etc etc etc. But I don’t go around telling people who support these artists that they have bad taste because we clearly have different preference.

Another example would be choosing between two people, which one rocks my boat and which one doesn’t. Let’s take 4minute’s Ideal Type World Cup on Mr. Teacher (this is the reason why I’m writing this btw). I’ve seen a lot of fans out there that kept saying that the girls has bad taste for choosing Lee Teuk over Chang Min. Obviously they will choose the one who they think is their ideal and not YOURS. Keywords: their, and yours. Two different preference and tastes on two individuals. Just so you know, I would choose Lee Teuk too with the same reasons as 4Minute, he’s witty (not that Chang Min isn’t, he’s witty himself), funny and voluble.

Let’s take another from that same ‘world cup’. I’m going to have Lee Teuk again, and then JYJ’s Yoo Chun. The girls chose Yoo Chun because of they like him on SKKS (Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal) but I’m choosing Lee Teuk simply because I like him better and he’s more of my ideal man that Yoo Chun. I could take more from that cut where I have different answers from the girls (like Onew and Key vs. Yoo Chun) and still wouldn’t say they have bad tastes, just different from mine.

Okay getting draggy now…

Point is, behaving like we have better taste than others are clearly unnecessary since we all have different preference. There’s no point arguing with others when it comes to this kind of subject. It’s so much better to just ignore such statements (I obviously didn’t but I’ll say it anyway) because it only cause unnecessary arguments and debates.

Well, that’s all, just want to take this all out.


1 Feb

Found a theme I like…made a header but…it looks too plain 😐 I’m too lazy to make a new one…or I just can’t find a better image for it…?

Whatever, just going to start blogging now, I’m too lazy to learn everything here in wordpress 😐

Starting over?

31 Jan

I’m going to make this really really reallllllllly quick. (And I’m pretty sure that I won’t mean it…)

I know nuts about wordpress to be honest, hence the that’s-so-beginner layout. I’m going to roam around and learn about everything later, ha.

Why am I starting a new blog anyway? I don’t even know too. But maybe becase I talk to much for twitter now? I need a blog, lol.

I have an livejournal, even a blogspot but I ignored them now. Still using my livejournal account for commenting purposes and running my community (a sucky one, just dunno where to put stuffs I want to share). My blogspot is outright dead. But yeah, I felt like trying out wordpress for a change.

Oh welllllll~ it’s 2:30am, I have classes tomorrow, so I’ll stop exploring for now.

Good night ♥

And oh, hello wordpress, treat me good, ayt?