Starting over?

31 Jan

I’m going to make this really really reallllllllly quick. (And I’m pretty sure that I won’t mean it…)

I know nuts about wordpress to be honest, hence the that’s-so-beginner layout. I’m going to roam around and learn about everything later, ha.

Why am I starting a new blog anyway? I don’t even know too. But maybe becase I talk to much for twitter now? I need a blog, lol.

I have an livejournal, even a blogspot but I ignored them now. Still using my livejournal account for commenting purposes and running my community (a sucky one, just dunno where to put stuffs I want to share). My blogspot is outright dead. But yeah, I felt like trying out wordpress for a change.

Oh welllllll~ it’s 2:30am, I have classes tomorrow, so I’ll stop exploring for now.

Good night ♥

And oh, hello wordpress, treat me good, ayt?


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