Personal Preference/Taste?

8 Feb

It always disturbed me when people claim that other people have “bad taste”. Like really, how could you say one’s taste is bad when you don’t even have the same preference and taste? There’s obviously an argument here but I’ll stick with mine.

Most people just can’t understand what personal preference is and making what they like, think, know etc. are better than others. It’s like saying an apple is better than pineapple. Both have their unique characteristics, nutritional on their own way and have their own tastes.

I’ve been told a lot of times that I have a bad taste for music because I chose generic mediocre genre that the group that I love the most have (*ehem*suju*ehem*). I never really cared that much because it’s what ‘I’ like and not theirs, it’s the music I listen to not theirs, so debating with people that prejudice my own taste of music is just a waste of time.

I don’t like hip hop music Big Bang has. I don’t like the songs that are produced for JQT, etc etc etc. But I don’t go around telling people who support these artists that they have bad taste because we clearly have different preference.

Another example would be choosing between two people, which one rocks my boat and which one doesn’t. Let’s take 4minute’s Ideal Type World Cup on Mr. Teacher (this is the reason why I’m writing this btw). I’ve seen a lot of fans out there that kept saying that the girls has bad taste for choosing Lee Teuk over Chang Min. Obviously they will choose the one who they think is their ideal and not YOURS. Keywords: their, and yours. Two different preference and tastes on two individuals. Just so you know, I would choose Lee Teuk too with the same reasons as 4Minute, he’s witty (not that Chang Min isn’t, he’s witty himself), funny and voluble.

Let’s take another from that same ‘world cup’. I’m going to have Lee Teuk again, and then JYJ’s Yoo Chun. The girls chose Yoo Chun because of they like him on SKKS (Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal) but I’m choosing Lee Teuk simply because I like him better and he’s more of my ideal man that Yoo Chun. I could take more from that cut where I have different answers from the girls (like Onew and Key vs. Yoo Chun) and still wouldn’t say they have bad tastes, just different from mine.

Okay getting draggy now…

Point is, behaving like we have better taste than others are clearly unnecessary since we all have different preference. There’s no point arguing with others when it comes to this kind of subject. It’s so much better to just ignore such statements (I obviously didn’t but I’ll say it anyway) because it only cause unnecessary arguments and debates.

Well, that’s all, just want to take this all out.


One Response to “Personal Preference/Taste?”

  1. itikofmine February 17, 2011 at 4:47 pm #

    okaaaayyy you like leeteuk??? bwahahahahhahahahah

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