16 Feb

I think this will be a long ass post because yeah, I am so fed up with this.

Ok not really.

If you know me, you probably know already that Super Junior-M is my favorite Super Junior sub-unit despite Sungmin not being in said sub-unit. Not gonna lie, but I was actually disappointed he wasn’t there since he fits more than Ryeowook, IN MY OWN OPINION, and that’s when they started, my thoughts changed when SJM actually began their activities.

They’re the first sub-unit I first saw in person too, the first sub-unit I saw perform live, etc etc. I enjoyed their activities just how much I enjoyed the main unit’s. The Only13 fiasco really annoyed me to no end, though ngl, I don’t really take a liking on Zhou Mi at first, but I’m not the type that always stick with first opinion. I gave him a chance, and now he’s one of my favorites. Henry’s a long story so I won’t dwell on that.

Anyway. The brand new Super Junior-M.

Yes people, whether you like it or not, SJM has EIGHT members now.

I already knew that Eunhyuk and Sungmin will be joining the group even if the rumors before wasn’t actually confirmed (until they actually released this of course).  Especially Eunhyuk who debuted unofficially through the song SJM did with f(x) for the Shanghai Expo last year.

I will never, ever, EVER, understand what the fuck is wrong with this two joining the sub-unit when they just ALL came from the same group that is Super Junior save for Henry and Zhou Mi.

Hardcore SJM stans, Qmi shippers, and fans who don’t really like Eunhyuk are the ones I’ve seen complain the most.

Hardcore SJM stans: did you ever, EVER, learn from the Only13 fiasco? You guys kept on complaining about Henry and Zhou Mi not getting the love they deserve, that they fit the main group, etc etc, and now you’re complaining about two original SJ members joining one of QUOTE SUB-UNIT UN-QUOTE of the team? Isn’t that soooooooooooo incredibly fucked up? And don’t tell me ZhouRy would be overshadowed because judging from the MV teaser, they still have the same amount of exposure as before whilst there wasn’t even enough Sungmin in it. Don’t tell me that they don’t belong as well, and….I hate repeating myself so just go over what I just said, and deal with it. Also, don’t tell m ZhouRy and HyukMin has different issues, how about a gallon of NO? Haters are still haters no matter how you say that you don’t hate HyukMin and vice versa.

Qmi shippers: probably the group of people that complained the most because apparently Sungmin will ~*~ruin~*~ their oh so perfect Qmi. Bullshit. Why does pairing have to be an issue now? Whatever guys, forever shipping Qmimin and HenMin. f.u. 🙂

The ones that don’t really like Eunhyuk: no words for you except….ENJOY EUNHYUK BEING A BAMF DANCER RAPPER ON YOUR SUB-UNIT.


I’ve seen a lot of comments since the MV teaser was released earlier. A lot have opened up for Eunhyuk while Sungmin is still being picked on. As a Sungmin stan, of course that hurts A LOT. The teaser hadn’t gave you enough of Sungmin yet, even the teaser pics are not enough and you’re already judging him for not belonging through that? No.

Some fans already forgotten that it was Sungmin who made most ELF who are Only13 accept Super Junior-M. Super Junior+M+KRY+Happy = 1, REMEMBER? Yeah, some of you probably didn’t even know it was him who said it. Oh, it was Sungmin who first showed signs of acceptance to Henry, so there. Do I need to say more to have you shallow headed fans to accept him? I don’t really think so, so I’m going to stop now.

Whatever, it’s not like a lot of people could see this =_=


5 Responses to “SJM.”

  1. thekinkykat February 17, 2011 at 12:15 am #

    Well said.

    I admit that I was worried how this will change the subgroup. But I would never, ever hate on Sungmin or Eunhyuk. Not only they supported HenMi so many times, proving to be their friends during SS or off-cam… They are also great additions. And after Geng left, this might make the group a bit popular.

    That said, before the teaser and the song was released I was worried. I love Donghae and Henry’s rapping – also Zhou Mi’s – and I was afraid that Eunhyuk with his superior rapping skills might take their spotlight. On the last album Henry and Mi didn’t have that much lines – and seeing Super Girl or Confession being performed without Henmi just hurt (I’m a SJM fan before a SJ fan). But both the song and teaser proved me wrong. I love the combination of voices when Henry and Hyuk are rapping. I love how in the first row of dancers there is both Hae and Henry beside Eunhyuk. I hope to hear Sungmin, Ryeowook and Zhou Mi singing lines one after each other as it just feels RIGHT. I love in Sorry Sorry or in Bonamana when Ryeowook and Sungmin sing like that ❤ Their voices suit each other.

    I was afraid of adding anyone Korean to the group because I didn't want Mi to be translating for 7 other people… But I know he's strong and that he can take care of that and himself.

    And MiMin and HenMin is such a cute pairing as well ❤ Even if KyuMi is my OTP, I doubt it will change because of Sungmin. I also doubt HenWookHae will change because of Eunhyuk. And if it will… isn't the music they're making more important?

    I refuse to be an anti, a hater. Not when I love Eunhyuk and Sungmin in SJ. I'm really glad that they joined SJM and judging from the MV teaser and the audio of the song, it was the best that could have happened to SJM right now ❤

    2 more guys singing in Chinese to spazz about. What's bad in that? <3333

  2. garasu08 February 17, 2011 at 6:07 am #

    girl is pissed~ XDDDDDDDDDDD

    ilu! <33333

  3. derekk February 17, 2011 at 4:29 pm #

    hey beach XD LMAO! i love this post!
    im happy with this new SJM thingy! :3 to the nth level power!
    aside from eunhyuk and zhoumi will be working together (oh yeah my korean and chinese boyfriend!)
    they’re still super junior, suju, sj, or WTVR(can i bold this one?XD) the hell name you want to call them haha!

    • itikofmine February 17, 2011 at 4:44 pm #

      *clap clap* i just imagine this girl saying this in front of me.. oh well i did see her say it.. XDDD

      Haters gonna hate. they never stop hatin.

      and i really like the idea that SUNGMIN and HYUK will shatter their stans.

      acceptance.. is one word these people should know.

      okay.. i’ll go back to my lalala land. XDDD


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