I’m in da-da-danger

19 Apr

f(x)’s new song: Pinocchio (Danger)
So we have our f(x) girl back in the music scene after almost a year of hiatus. Amber being completely MIA due to her inured ankle, is finally back after not being able to join Krystal, Sulli, Victoria and Luna for a couple of months. Now, f(x) is back with a new album, their very first full-length album, with Pinocchio (Danger) as their title track. The album is composed of 10 songs, including a Korean version of Lollipop (the song is originally in Chinese and is used a promotion song for LG’s Lollipop in China; the song is sang with Chinese boy band M.I.C), this time with SHINee. But enough of the chit chat, let’s talk about Pinocchio (Danger) first 😀

The song is released digitally last Monday, April 18, 12MN KST. It was actually leaked 2 days earlier. Not gonna lie, I DID download that leaked song, and I’ll feel such a hypocrite if I say that I feel guilty, because I don’t. I did downloaded the official version (not much difference, of course) with the help of my friend who added moniesssss on my MNET account >:) …but I’m back to 300won /cries.

ANYWAY! The first time I listened to it, I’m honestly quite disappointed. But, well, this is SM we’re talking about. They’re unpredictable. It’s always a hit or a miss. For this song though, it’s in the middle. The good thing about it is it’s quite catchy. After listening to it, I was going remember me dadadadanger, I look hilarious lol. KPOP hit songs are known to be either catchy and easy to dance to, have great beats, or meaningful. Danger hit the catchy category, but that’s probably just me.

The lyrics doesn’t make sense though, but then again, f(x) is known for having title tracks that have nonsensical lyrics (hello, LA chA TA and NU ABO) so I’m not quite surprised that this song doesn’t make any sense.

Singing parts will be forever unfair for Amber, because in this song, her solo parts are only that Remember Me before the second verse and her rap solo. We were able to hear more of Victoria and Sulli here though, which is a good thing as the two barely get parts as well. Sulli improved vocally to be honest and I don’t get why the most comments I saw aren’t commenting on that. Victoria’s Korean improved obviously (if you listen to her parts before, there’s still heavy accent). Krystal on the other hand, sounded a bit like Jessica in this song, which is not a surprise, they’re sisters after all. I think she got most of the parts too? I don’t know, it’s always a given that Luna and Krystal get more parts  than the other three. Luna on the other hand is amazing as always, but her voice is obviously slightly altered in this song.

Overall, it’s a bit underwhelming, but catchy enough for me to listen to it over and over again (it surpasses Henry’s Baby on my itunes and Last.fm, that’s an acomplishment! XD). Seeing as it’s doing great in the charts, the potential them getting an award for it is most likely high.

The MV was released earlier (while I’m sleeping, of course, as always). I’m not expecting much so it’s good in my eyes haha! A bit underwhelming, too much chorus, snappy but not strong choreo, but all the girls are gorgeous. They should stop giving Luna skirts and shorts though. 😐 That transition scene with them in different outfits and wigs is my favorite part, as well as the 1st chorus with Victoria, Sulli and Krystal (that one on the teaser as well). I do not understand while people are comparing this to 2NE1, I don’t see any similarities, or maybe because I don’t follow 2NE1 now like I did before. Both groups are different, leave it alone already.

IMO, it doesn’t matter if this song is good or not. Fans had waited for them for a long time so people are hyped up, the charts are your judge. It’s their 1st full length album too so everyone are expecting how it will turn out. All I wanted for them right now is to at least win something out of this (I am still honestly butthurt on that 2pm vs f(x) on Music Bank, but whatever, that award is supposed to be f(x)’s, end of the story).

The album will be out tomorrow and I’m hoping it’ll be out at 12MN. PLEASE PLEASE :DD Obviously, I stan them so hard that I want success for this girls, I hope this album will turn out great!


One Response to “I’m in da-da-danger”

  1. sundaytemper April 20, 2011 at 11:11 pm #

    Agree a lot with what you wrote here. I am so surprised (pleasantly) by Sulli’s improvement. Honestly, without the MV, I originally thought some of Sulli’s parts were Luna’s. I think Amber’s rap has improved a little too, and Krystal’s voice is so much better controlled now. I think she’s the one who showed the most singing improvement since debut. Luna is forever amazing. Vic is still average.

    I didn’t like Danger at first too, but it grew on me after listening to it many, many times. The most disappointing part about Danger and its MV is the lack of energy. Danger is a little slow and soft for electropop, and what you said about the choreo is spot on. Here’s hoping for a stronger live performance. I sorely miss Rino’s style.

    I have listened to the whole album, and personally, I found it quite weak. I guess my expectation was too high. A lot of the songs are too immature/cutesy, and there are some ridiculous raps. SM is probably still experimenting on them. To me, f(x) is still targeted towards a younger audience. But being an experiment, I hope SM will let f(x) venture into a more mature and risky area, like rock or electro-house/trance (European style), since Nu ABO was already heading there. Best song on the album is Beautiful Goodbye.

    Regardless, I wish f(x) success too!

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