[TRANS] Amber’s Thanks To from f(x)’s 1st Album, ‘Pinocchio’

20 Apr
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For giving me the chance and giving me strength to come this far, God.

Dad, Mama(1), jack jack attack Jackie(2).

Teacher Lee Sooman, President Kim Youngmin, Director Nam Soyoung, Director Jung Changhwan, Gyungchang oppa who’s always believing, chic Sungwoo oppa, Chae Minho oppa ㅋ samgyetang!!, Wonkyun oppa, Jinwook oppa ㅋ would you like to play again?, Hyunkyun oppa, playful/player Gyungjae oppa, Jihun oppa, Mina unni, Junghee unni.. “I hate it~”, Sungsoo the best oppa, Jeni unni, Gwangwook oppa, Yoonju unni, Yooeun unni, Areum unni, Jinu oppa, Boomin unni, Kenzie unni, Chullie oppa~
Jaewon oppa yeah man~, Sanghoon greg oppa~when are we going to come up with the choreography??, Gooyoungie appaㅋ, Solmi unni, Hyerim unni, Gyungbin unni, Hyejin unni, Jiwoon unni, Sunjoo unni, Seunghwa unni, People who helped f(x), thank you~ ^^

Shout out to my homies in LA, love all you kids. The 213, my bestie Danny, Brian Cho, John “Chinky”, Joe Kim, Nico miss you boys. My valley people, bandmate Ryan, Daniel Park, Angel stop studying!, Vivian, twinkie Audrey, Rachel, Serena, Angela. NRB crew, Chris, Susie, the giant Scott, Vince, Dennis. My dance family, Chantelle, Dario, Winnie, Ross, Cody, Suzy “ZED”, Dan, Miguel, Ayaka. Rino, Maryss, Celine “Lockadelic”, Jillian, Shotyme, Jeka, and Shaun.

Jinyoung “TommyPD” oppa~, big Brother Paul, the only one and only Daniel “Drama”(3), homie fo life Alex Chungster, Hansir, violin boy Henry(4), Haem unni ㅋㅋ

DM oppa you de best!, Junghwannie oppa protein partyㅋ, best body Youngman oppa, Taesun ssaem5ㅋ, Jungjoonnie oppa, Pastor Sungho, Jaeson, Stephen, Celine, Bridget, JP, Grace, Shiela, Charlie, Sharon, James, Hana

BoA noonaㅋ miss you! Siwon(4) oppa, Kyhyun(4) oppa, Sungmin(4) oppa, Zhou Mi ge(4,1), Jungmo(6) hyung, big sis Sooyoung(7) unni, Yuri(7) unni~ stop waking me up in the morning!, Sunny(7) unni who’s like a real sister, Tiff(7), Jess(7), Taeyeon(7) unni, fashionista Keybum(8,9) oppa, Jonghyun oppwa(8 )~, beast Minho oppa(8 ), Prince Taemin(8 )ㅋ, my friend(s) Jinho(10), Junmyeonnie oppa, Jongin, Moonkyu, Chanyeol, Gyungsoo(11), K.Li, Yixing, Minseokie hyung, lovely Seungyeonnie, best best best Soojung, Heesoo(11)tissue, Choying, Joohyun unni, teddy bear Seulgiㅋㅋcompany/office senior and friends, thank you all!!

Mikey(12), Peter(12), Brian Joo, Seungho(13) oppa, Jaejinnie(14) oppa, Chanmi(15), Lizzy(16), Nana unni(16), Raina unni(16), Bekah(16), 4Minute! Hyuna(17)ㅋㅋ, maknae Sohyunnie(17), Jihyun(17) unni who’s learning Englishㅋ, tough Jiyoon(17) unni, pretty Gayoon(17) unni, Nicole(18), Dongwoon(19) oppa, Kikwang(19) oppa, Doojoonnie(19) hyung, kind Minji(20), cutie Jiyeon(21), Eunjung(21) unni, Junsu(22) oppa, Junho(22) oppa, Juseok(23) oppa, Christine Yoonji(24), Shorty(25) oppa. Thank you~!

Our members! Song Qian jiejie(1), cry-puppy Sunyounggieㅋ, younger brother Ssul, Princess Lil’ One Soojunggie “shoes~”

To Julian(26), I wish you were here to see this, thanks for everything, miss you so much

Lastly, our loving fans! Thank you for waiting~ we will try to show you our cool…Pretty? Cute?..ㅋㅋ side of us! Thank you thank you(27)~


Words in italics are written as it is.

1 – Written in Chinese

2 – Amber’s sister

3 – Drama/Daniel; member of Dalmatian

4 – Henry, Siwon, Kyuhyun, Sungmin, Zhou Mi; members of Super Junior

5 – Ssaem (쌤); slang for Seon Saeng-nim(선생님) meaning ‘teacher’

6 – Jungmo; member of TRAX

7 – Sooyoung, Yuri, Sunny, Tiffany, Jessica, Taeyeon; members of Girls’ Generation

8 – Key, Jonghyun, Minho, Taemin; members of SHINee

9 – Keybum; originally written as 키범.

10 – Jinho; Jino from SM The Ballad

11 – the ‘soo(수)’ on their names are actually written as “syoo(슈)”

12 – Mikey, Peter; members of One Way; Mikey is Chance.

13 – Seungho; member of MBLAQ

14 – Jaejinnie/Jaejin; member of FT Island

15 – Chanmi; member of Coed School/5dolls; former SM Trainee

16 – Lizzy, Nana, Raina, Bekah; members of After School

17 – Hyuna, Sohyunnie/Sohyun, Jihyun, Jiyoon, Gayoon; members of 4Minute, it’s actually stated obviously

18 – Nicole; member of KARA

19 – Dongwoon, Kikwang, Doojoon; members of BEAST

20 – Minji; member of 2NE1. Not entirely sure but it’s most likely her

21 – Jiyeon, Eunjung; members of T-Ara

22 – Junsu, Junho; members of 2PM

23 – Not really sure about this: Juseok; he’s a hip hop rapper/producer; if you know Younha’s ‘One Shot’ he’s the featuring rapper on that song.

24 – Christine Yoonji; NS Yoonji

25 – Shorty; not entirely sure but I’m guessing it to be Mighty Mouth’s Shorty J.

26 – Julian; he’s a former SM Trainee who passed away July last year. I don’t exactly know the reason. I’ve read a fan account before that him, Amber and Henry are apparently pretty close to each other.

27 – Originally written as 땡규 댕규, which is ‘thank you thank you’ only written in hangul

credits to:  yukipink @ weibo for the fantaken picture of the thanks to; thepinkstring/chilloutbox @ twitter for translations/notes.

PS: the numbers are actually superscripts, idk why it looked like that -_- I edited them so it wont look THAT weird


10 Responses to “[TRANS] Amber’s Thanks To from f(x)’s 1st Album, ‘Pinocchio’”

  1. Joebits April 20, 2011 at 8:21 pm #

    She almost thanked every member of every kpop group out there. Lol. I love reading Thanks To messages! 8D

  2. LPK April 20, 2011 at 8:52 pm #

    So…BoA noona….A miss translation or what…? BoA as in her sunbaenim, BoA Kwon, which is a girl. Shouldn’t it be unnie….?

    • LPK April 20, 2011 at 9:22 pm #

      Keke. Nevermind…She really did say BoA noona…Haha. BoA is her label mate/sunbaenim but didn’t know they were some sort of friends or even close. She said BoA noona miss you! Awwe, keke, BoA&Amber, two of my favorites.

  3. ilmacuccha April 21, 2011 at 1:04 pm #

    where’s Onew Oppa??

  4. dnsueee April 21, 2011 at 5:00 pm #

    hi, can u translate other member too? I want to know who they are thanking. Seems like amber have lot celebrity friend. She’s quite famous.

  5. Marciel September 5, 2011 at 7:36 pm #

    hehehe… she thanked Drama *yay*]
    that is all

    Amber Fighting! f(x) Fighting!

  6. baozibuns April 27, 2012 at 4:41 pm #

    lol chanyeol xiumin kai and suho from exo… she mentioned them too!! haha

  7. sapphire blue heart June 6, 2012 at 10:28 am #

    OMG K.Li as in Kevin Li ? :’) gosh,

  8. Thio Bachtiar March 21, 2014 at 7:46 am #

    There’s K.Li as Kris and Yixing as Lay from EXO!! 😀

    • betsy June 3, 2014 at 12:39 pm #

      & right before them, gyungsoo must be D.O.! 😀

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