The Pink String.

You’re probably wondering where it came from, right? Or…maybe not if you care less about me but I’m going to tell you all where it came from.

To put it simply, since my biases are Sungmin and Henry from Super Junior, I tried to find things that relates to them that could be put together without sounding….well, weird.

So I got ‘Pink’ as it’s a colr that Sungmin is fond of and ‘String(s)’ since it’s what Henry’s fans are called.

I first used it as the name of my community at lj where I put fanfics, media downloads, lyrics etc. but I like it so much so I made it the name of this blog as well.

Here you will see random blabs, maybe reviews, rants and so on. In short, my new haven.

I won’t say, ‘I hope you enjoy your stay’ because obviously, I didn’t made this blog for you to enjoy, right? Haha just kidding.

Well, comments are welcome, everything are public, feel free to roam around and lastly, thank you for visiting 🙂



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